Official report condemns police gangs within Los Angeles Sheriff's Department

Gangs within the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department are a "cancer" on the county's law enforcement, says a 70-page report by the Civilian Oversight Commission's special counsel. Wikipedia has a list of the gangs.

The report by the Civilian Oversight Commission condemned the groups, whose members engage in "egregious conduct" like using excessive force and threatening colleagues, as a "cancer" that must be banned immediately. It also accused the union that represents the sheriff's deputies of failing to stop the gangs and protecting alleged members.

The report said that although the groups may have started decades ago with "benign intentions," they have evolved into deputy gangs "whose members not only use gang-like symbols but engage in gang-type and criminal behavior directed against the public and other Department members," the report stated.

"They create rituals that valorize violence, such as recording all deputy involved shootings in an official book," the report continued, "celebrating with 'shooting parties,' and authorizing deputies who have shot a community member to add embellishments to their common gang tattoos."

LA Sheriff's Deputy to colleague: "Hans, have you noticed the Nazi gang tattoos on our bodies lately?"

Hans: "Yep."

*they bray with laughter*