Why have social workers come together to form an activist collective?

As Sophia P. Sarantakos, Assistant Professor at the University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work,explains in this Twitter thread, "Over the past many months, a few of us from within professionalized social-change work have come together to create a platform that we all felt was sorely missing and needed within our profession and communities. Say hello to the Social Work Activist Collective (SWAC)! One of the main goals of this collective is to facilitate connections between individual social-change workers and existing organizations and movements to help build a stronger, more structurally-focused and unified workforce."

According to the Social Work Activist Collective website, "The mission of SWAC is to: (1) Create clear pathways for individual social service and social change workers to connect with power-building organizations in their areas of interest/specialization where they can engage in radical political education, and contribute to the collective movement to shift the field of professionalized social-service work to a solidarity-focused model, and (2) Create a platform for sustained, radical dialogue and joint organizing actions on the issues confronting all of human services that, at present, are not being met by mainstream organizations. This includes building capacity for a rapid response network against fascist policies.​"

To learn more about SWAC, you can register here for the launch party on March 7, 5–7 p.m. MT!