Mapologies is a website full of interesting cultural and linguistic maps

Here's a website full of really interesting maps. It's called "Mapologies" and has the tag line "maps & other fictions." The website states that it focuses on "a range of interests like languages, art, history, geography, maps, and mops," and further explains the various map categories it includes:

Etymologeo: Etymology maps of random terms we like.

Cultural mapping: Differences in translating names or titles.

Emojish: Mapping the meanings of emojis.

El Atlas: The geographic diversity of Spanish vocabulary.

Health crisis: Etymology maps of terms related to health.

Linguistics: Several language topics.

So what, exactly, will you find on the site? As one example, the latest map reveals what "carrots" are called across the globe. You'll also find mappings exploring what various movies—including "Home Alone," "Lost in Translation," and "Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind"—are named in different countries. And my favorite maps on the site might be the ones mapping various cartoons and cartoon characters—these maps reveal the names given across the globe to Donald Duck and his nephews, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and other popular characters. For instance, I learned that Goofy's full name is G. G. "Goofy" Goof, but he has lots of other names in different countries:

In Portuguese and Danish, Pateta and Hopo can be translated as "fool." Danish Fedtmule is literally "fat-muzzle." Norwegian, Swedish, and Sami names mean something like "Long-leg." Šilja or Šiljo are words to describe an "unusually tall man". French dingo is derived from dingue "mad, someone who is nuts." But do you what is literally nuts? Bunduq in Arabic is the word also used for hazelnuts

Maps are cool! Go check them out!