Creed 3's Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors want to be this generation's Robert De Niro and Al Pacino

Great things come in pairs. Nowhere is the preceding adage more accurate than Hollywood. Whether it's movies with similar premises releasing simultaneously or two powerhouse A-listers sharing a bill, nothing beats a good duo in Hollywood.

Whenever two actors with equal stature in cinema- in terms of acting prowess and star power- team up for a series of films, the results are typically spectacular. The collaborations of Paul Newman and Robert Redford and Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci are two perfect examples of how a solid partnership can make both actors even better. 

After their monstrous success last weekend with Creed 3– which won the weekend box office while also earning a record opening for the series with $58 million- fans across the globe are beginning to clamor for Micahel B. Jordan and Johnathan Majors to pair up for a few more flicks. According to Deadline, both actors are extremely keen to work with each other across several future projects

The actors spoke to the New York Times to talk about Creed III, which is off to a fantastic start in theaterical box office and critical reviews. The chemistry between Majors and Jordan is obvious, leading to speculation on future collaborations.

"The way you two talk about each other, it sounds like this is the first of many collaborations to come," said Times interviewer Kyle Buchanan.

Jordan confirmed that. "It is. We plan on it."

Majors took it one step further. "De Niro and Pacino."

Jordan didn't dampen that thought.

"We're excited about that, and I have those conversations with him. Acting is such a solo journey, where you're fighting for your place on that call sheet for such a long time. So when you've got somebody that doesn't care as much about that stuff, it's like, 'Let's go. How much damage can we do together?'

Majors responds, "All of it."