Trump advisor Kimberly Guilfoyle hawks gold and silver at CPAC

As Derek Beres of the Conspirituality podcast always says, "Watch what they say, and then watch what they sell." There's no shortage of grifters in the New Age, QAnon, wellness, conspirituality, and MAGA communities—in fact, grifting seems to be one of the main points of most of those groups. So I wasn't at all surprised to see this latest grift by Kimberly Guilfoyle. Rom Filipkowski recently posted this video of Guilfoyle hawking her latest scam—gold and silver—at CPAC. He tweeted:

Guilfoyle is now at CPAC selling gold and silver. She says to stop doing business with woke companies that hate you, and to go to 'KimsMetals' to invest for your retirement.

I watched the whole clip so you don't have to, and here's my transcript. In the clip, Guilfoyle, badly reading a teleprompter, says: 

I want to make sure that you guys know about Goldco. Don, Jr.'s been talking about it. Gold and silver can protect your retirement savings from inflation and dollar devaluation, and owning tangible, physical inflation-hedging gold and silver can help diversity YOUR portfolio. You've gotta have a diversified portfolio, everybody knows that. And Goldco has helped thousands of Americans diversity and protect their retirement savings. Support companies who support you. It makes sense, doesn't it? Instead of supporting woke companies who hate you and use your money to further their political agenda. So go to KimsMetals—it's kinda catchy!—dot com to learn more. That's

I also looked up Goldco—again, so you don't have to—and here's what I found. If you go to Goldco, on the front page, at least as of 3/5/23, there's a giant photo of Sean Hannity, with this quote: "Goldco is the precious metals company that I recommend to my audience, friends, and family." 

I also clicked on the company description, which reads, in part:

Goldco is a privately held company in the Los Angeles area with over a decade of experience in helping customers protect their retirement savings. Whether you want to diversify your retirement assets into a Precious Metals IRA, or buy gold and silver directly, a Goldco Specialist can help you seamlessly navigate the process from beginning to end.

The company's long-standing reputation for excellent customer service, high ethical standards, along with precious metals education and resources position Goldco as a preferred precious metals provider.

Goldco is the only precious metals company recommended by major media leaders like Sean Hannity, Chuck Norris, Ben Stein and Stew Peters. Goldco is honored to be the only precious metal company they recommend to their audience, family and friends.

At this point, the grifting from these right-wing communities just seems pathetic and sad (speaking of, I think JP Sears is one of the most transparently pathetic—I'll do a post about him soon). And that would be fine, I guess, if that's where it ended. But innocent people get caught up in these scams, and the grifters use the money they make to forward their political agendas—hmm… that's weird, because that's exactly what Guilfoyle accuses "woke" companies of doing! Funny how that works.