Disney World adds doll in wheelchair to 'it's a small world' ride

Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom in Florida has added a new doll to its popular attraction, 'it's a small world', which features a wheelchair as part of its design. The new addition looks to be inclusive and to build upon the ride's legacy of representing diversity. You may remember that Disneyland made a similar move last November.

Disney Parks Blog:

This addition to "it's a small world" is more than just a doll, it allows even more guests and cast members to see themselves and their loved ones depicted in the experience. We remain committed to our ongoing work to champion inclusivity and are excited for what the future brings as we continue to reflect the beauty of our individual experiences. It doesn't matter who you are. If you are a guest in our park or a cast member, we celebrate you — your background, your culture, your identity — and we welcome you every day.

Earworm forthcoming: