Florida Republicans continue their march toward Gilead

Unsatisfied with their 15-week ban on abortion, Florida Republicans, with the support of Presidential hopeful Gov. Ron DeSantis have introduced legislation seeking a 6-week ban. DeSantis has already announced he'll sign further restrictions on women's access to healthcare.

Orlando Sentinel:

Florida Republicans moved Tuesday to restrict abortion even more by proposing bills to ban the procedure with few exceptions after six weeks of pregnancy.

The legislation would expand on a 15-week ban passed by the Legislature and Gov. Ron DeSantis last year. The governor said last month he would sign further restrictions on abortion if lawmakers approved them.

Democrats vowed to fight against the measure.

"No one wants Ron DeSantis in the exam room with us; personal medical decisions should be between me, my family, my doctor and my faith — not politicians," state Rep. Anna Eskamani, D-Orlando, said in a prepared statement.