Meeting of the minds: Don Jr and Matt Gaetz chat

At what might become known as the Algonquin Round Table of Idiots, Florida congressperson and accused sex trafficker Matt Gaetz joined passionate podcaster Donald Trump Jr to share some wisdoms. They discussed being "canceled" as if either have ever really had more than a single grift: one gerrymandered into an office and the other has a father who can't disown him for some reason.

Crooks and Liars:

Dumb and Dumber went on a tangent saying you will be canceled (By whom?) if you are pro-life.

"Yeah, it is the next wave of cancel culture that I don't think we're entirely ready for," Gaetz said.

"And I don't think it's that far off either. When you look at sort of the acceleration, you know what I mean? — five years ago, some of this shit, like, it would've been a Saturday Night Live skit –it's real," Junior commiserated. "And now it's like real! The teachers in the trans school…"

"Like, defining how much everything costs based on who you are," Gaetz said.


"Was it like a privilege of the past for things to cost the same for everybody regardless of your politics?" Gaetz claimed as if it was true,