Steve Blum rumored to reprise role in upcoming Wolverine game

Steve Blum, a prolific voice actor known for being the animated voice of Wolverine for over a decade now, may just be reprising his role in Insomniac's upcoming Wolverine video game. Blum has been dropping teasers hinting at the possibility – although he acknowledges that he's under an NDA, the fact that he mentions he's working on a video game and the presence of his facial capture getup seems to point to none other than Wolverine. It'd be the obvious move for Insomniac to bring in the definitive voice of the character, especially since I imagine Hugh Jackman was probably slightly out of their budget. Their Spider-Man game is still probably the best superhero-themed game to date (well, tied with Arkham City), so no matter who ends up taking on the title role, I'm confident that Wolverine is in good hands.