The Grandmaster Flash 'Do Not Play List' playlist

Legendary hip-hop founding father Grandmaster Flash (GF) has a strict policy when it comes to the music played during his shows. The "Grandmaster Flash Do Not Play List" is a printed list of songs that was handed out by his manager to the opening acts. Any DJ who violated this list risked jeopardizing the entire show, as GF could refuse to perform if even one of these songs was played.

The list, which was last updated in 2009, contains a mix of songs from various genres, including pop and house music including tracks that have been played to death, including three songs from Michael Jackson's catalog. I have to assume that some of the songs were ones GF wanted to mix himself during a show.

Of course, someone's made an actual playlist of the list on Spotify. It's only missing a few of the banned songs:

Correction: Not Michael Jackson's entire catalogue.