What happened to Dianna Cowern, aka Physics Girl

Many Boing Boing readers are likely familiar with science and physics educator, Dianna Cowern, aka YouTube's Physics Girl. With nearly 3 million subscribers, Dianna is beloved for her exuberant personality and her clear and entertaining explanations of complex physics concepts and her love for all things science.

Last year, Dianna got COVID-19. That has turned into a frighteningly severe case of Long COVID which has left her progressively unable to do anything physical. She is now completely bedridden and can't even feed herself.

In this heartbreaking video, one of her close friends, fellow YouTuber Simone Giertz, gives Dianna's subscribers an update on her situation and encourages them to follow the Physics Girl Patreon page to help support Dianna and her husband (who's become her full-time caregiver) during this anxious and awful time.