Hijinks ensue as Macklemore's 7-year-old daughter Sloane directs 'No Bad Days' music video

I'm a Macklemore fan and follow him on Instagram. About two weeks ago, he shared a heartwarming video. In the video, he asks his 7-year-old daughter Sloane Haggerty to direct the music video for his song "No Bad Days." Sloane excitedly accepts, they share a big hug, and I was hooked.

More sweet videos followed, showing the process behind the scenes, including one where she negotiates walkie-talkie and bullhorn rentals, another where she asks her famous dad to dye his hair (He says no, she pushes back with "Live, dude."), and one where she suggests he ride in a hot air balloon. However, the one that took me out was when she asked him bluntly if he had ever been arrested while they were shopping inside a Seattle art store. (There are more and you can watch them here.)

Never have I been so invested in the release of a music video. This is social media done right!

The fabulously fun final product was released on March 3 and it didn't disappoint. I predict big things for this girl boss. Macklemore's new album "Ben" is out now too.