Conspiracy theorist "comedian" who yelled sexist remarks at AOC now suing her for blocking him on Twitter

You can sue for anything, even if all you can win from the effort is an unblock and the public learning once again that you're an attention-seeking cockalorum.

"She wants to kill babies but she's still beautiful. You look very beautiful in that dress. You look very sexy. Look at that booty on AOC," he catcalled to Ocasio-Cortez. "Look how sexy she looks in that dress. Oooh, I love it AOC. Hot, hot, hot like a tamale."

Stein's lawsuit cites a federal appeals court decision that ruled against then-President Donald Trump, saying he violated the constitutional rights of several people by blocking them from following him on Twitter.

There are many videos of Stein doing his thing, the creepily fixed grin rising and falling with his selfie camera, the whole act like tar oil seeping out the cracks of his ego. He is so far gone that even Dave Portnoy, no slouch in the reactionary sexist stakes, told him to 'go back in whatever hole you crawled out of.' Yet here he is, all over the news again.