Meow Wolf enters the metaverse mini-golf space

Immersive art collective Meow Wolf is taking its unique brand of creativity to the virtual world with a new mini-golf course set to launch later this year. Meow Wolf has teamed up with Walkabout Mini Golf, one of the most popular multiplayer VR games on the market, to create a course that promises to be unlike anything seen before.

Scott Stein of CNET has the scoop:

The Meow Wolf course, based on the living other-dimensional jungle world of Numina that's part of Meow Wolf's in-person Convergence Station experience in Denver, is meant to be a sort of parallel virtual visit, or maybe a golf course that ends up being visited by and mutated by Numina.

[Meow Wolf Co-founder and Senior Creative Director Caity] Kennedy hints that the way Meow Wolf's course will work is a lot stranger and more whimsical than even previous Walkabout courses, which of course excites me. Also, the presence of Numina as a character will loom large over the experience, a "living universe that is curious about us simple animals that are wandering around, falling down stairs and things."

Here's a look at a different Walkabout course: