This tiny vacuum for your desk is both functional and adorable, and it's now on sale for just $24.99

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In 2023, we're decluttering, particularly our cleaning supplies. You heard that right. Gone are the days of using bulky cleaning devices and grimy dusters that don't even do the job well enough. The technology is just too good these days to settle. Besides, how are you expected to live your best life when you feel like there's a fine coating of dust all over your possessions? Gross. You tediously do some upkeep on your house, like mopping the floors and vacuuming every week or so, but there's a fine layer of dust on certain surfaces that a regular duster frustratingly can't get.

So, we found something that can. Cue the VYSN Mini Vacuum Cleaner. It's a tiny vacuum for your desk that just gets more done. Even better, it's now on sale for only $24.99.

First off, this mini vacuum cleaner is incredibly sleek and sculptural looking, but also pretty cute (who thought we'd ever call a cleaning appliance that). It's sort of like those mini food items—there's just something so endearing about it, except that it actually works and will suck up all those pesky particles that just seem to linger on surfaces.

This portable vacuum cleaner comes in four lovable colors: black for the minimalist, and standout shades of green, blue, and red to fit into your space and look chic while you're using it. It can be used on so many of your annoyingly dusty, grimy surfaces (hey, we don't judge here). That means desks, dining tables, tops of dressers, nightstands, and even keyboards are no match for this little guy. It also means your house will actually feel like it's really, truly clean.

Not only is this device cordless (yay for no more tangled wires), it boasts an efficient and rotatable 360-degree design with high suction and low noise. It's battery-operated too, so you won't have to worry about plugging it in to charge. And with a powerful suction of 1000Pa, that also means you won't be seeing dust or crumbs on your furniture or other home surfaces anymore (finally).

Enjoy dust and crumb-free living with a device that can get it all. Grab the VYSN Portable Mini Desktop Vacuum Cleaner now for just $24.99.

Prices subject to change.