Believers deny ivermectin killed ivermectin influencer

A gentleman who widely touted the benefits of ivermectin as a cure-all has died, apparently as a result of all the ivermectin he ingested. Danny Lemoi started taking ivermectin in 2012 to cure his Lyme disease. Through the pandemic, Lemoi worked hard to sell the benefits of ivermectin as a COVID cure, which it is not. Some of his followers refuse to believe there could be a danger in using a horse dewormer as their daily multivitamin.

Science does not care what you believe.


In the Telegram channel, administrators broke the news of his death to his followers. "Though it was obvious that Danny had the biggest heart, it was unbeknownst to him that his heart was quite literally overworking and overgrowing beyond its capacity, nearly doubled in size from what it should have been," the admins wrote, adding: "We understand that this is going to raise questions for those who were following him."

When some members of the group blamed Lemoi's death on ivermectin, they were criticized in the Telegram channel; their fellow group members claimed they were spreading misinformation.

​​"No one can convince me that he died because of ivermectin," one member wrote this week. "He ultimately died because of our failed western medicine which only cares about profits and not the cure."

Despite Lemoi's death, administrators said this week the Telegram channel would live on, and the group is attracting new members who continue to take ivermectin despite suffering serious side effects.