Guilty Gear Strive's newest downloadable character is Bedman, a man who can fight while in bed

Guilty Gear Strive is an extremely polished, highly technical fighting game that came to the forefront after the announcement of Bridget, a transgender character, last year. Gamers being such a progressive and open-minded bunch, they took the news with grace and poise and accepted Bridget with open arms.

In truth, there was a massive flame war and hundreds of death threats lobbed at trans people for having the audacity to exist and for the devs for having them exist in a video game. Still, it made the game and Bridget herself skyrocket in popularity, a wave Arc System Works rides with the recent announcement of Bedman, a returning character from the previous game.

Bedman is – wait for it – a man who fights from a bed. This is a deeply strange game, true, but it's that freedom with character design and unconventional weaponry that has led to its lasting appeal. No-one's throwing a fit about the bed guy.