Lincoln Project dares Trump to return to Twitter

The Lincoln Project, a political action committee consisting of disaffected Republicans, has released a new ad that targets the splintering GOP and challenges former President Donald Trump to return to Twitter and tell his supporters to drop Fox News. The 30-second ad is a let's-you-and-him jab at Trump's waning influence over the conservative media landscape, as well as his former allies who are turning against him.

So there it is Donald the truth. All your friends at Fox hated you from the start and hate you even more now. Rupert cut you off. He picked Tiny-D DeSantis. Sean and Laura won't have you on. Even Tucker admitted it. He hates you, passionately. You could handle that. But Fox wants to make you disappear. Switch off the spotlight. Tucker couldn't wait to ignore you most nights. And Rupert? He promised to make you disappear after all the money you made him. And as the walls are closing in on you they've hung you out to dry. So what are you gonna do Donald? For once, we'll help you. You may not like us. [clip of Trump saying "The Losers Project"] But you know we always tell the truth. Fox deserves to be punished. You're strongest on Twitter. Go back there. Tell your people to drop Fox. That's the only way Donald, The only way.