Ohio man hospitalized after "pet" zebra nearly bites off his arm

An Ohio man was rushed to the hospital yesterday after his "pet" zebra nearly bit off his arm. The zebra was highly agitated, aggressively trying to get to the man even after police arrived and blocked the animal from the man with their charger. The animal then "continued to charge at deputies and fire crews, as well as other members of the victim's family" as deputies blew air horns to try to scare it away, according to Yahoo!.

From Yahoo!:

The zebra continued acting erratically while deputies were on the scene assisting the man and reportedly charged at a deputy's cruiser that had been positioned to keep the animal from being able to get to the victim. …

The victim was taken to OhioHealth Grant Medical Center for treatment, which are not considered life-threatening. Initial reports indicated that the man had lost his arm, however, additional information was provided Monday that said the man's arm was able to be reattached.

Zebras are not considered exotic animals under Ohio's law that requires exotic animals be registered with the state's Department of Agriculture.

Sadly, the zebra — which is thought to have been trying to protect some female zebras on the property — was shot and killed by a deputy, for everyone's safety.

Zebras are wild and have never been domesticated, so although legal in many states, including Ohio, people should think thrice before owning them as so-called pets.