School board member "jokes" that blue eyes are an important quality in superintendent candidates

Leavenworth, Kansas is seeking a new superintendent for its public school district and school board member Vanessa Reid said that one key quality to prioritize in candidates is that they have "blue eyes." Then said she was, y'know, "just kidding."

Many have called for her resignation, but rather than apologize, Reid raised her idiot flag even higher just a few days later. From KATV:

While touring an elementary school library, she allegedly referred to a fourth grade student's drawing of a rainbow flag as "indoctrination." Parents have called the remarks an example of "bigotry" and accused Reid of "trying to dear down" the school system she promised to protect.

And from the Kansas City Star:

[Longtime board member Mike Carney] accuses Reid of bringing partisan politics to the board, as the district has faced several challenges to library materials and debates over curriculum on race.

"The book banning thing started a few months ago. Vanessa wanted a book banned that's not even in the library," Carney said. "If you're in high school, you need to be a critical thinker. They're trying to say this goes clear down to the elementary level, that we're teaching critical race theory and all that crap. Which we're not. That we're indoctrinating kids. Which we're not. It's just irritating."