Texas man sues women who told ex-wife how to get abortion pills

Three woman in Texas are being sued by a man for helping his ex-wife obtain an abortion, reports the Associated Press. Marcus Silva, the plaintiff, is being represented by a former Texas solicitor general who created one of the state's abortion bans–and is supported by various conservative groups eager to see the women pay.

"Anyone involved in distributing or manufacturing abortion pills will be sued into oblivion," [Texas State Rep.] Cain said in a statement from the attorneys.

According to the lawsuit, the manufacturer of the pills will also be named as a defendant once it is identified in the discovery process.

The lawsuit claims it has text messages from among the women discussing how to obtain medication that could induce an abortion and how to aid the woman who was pregnant in planning to take the medication.

Conservatives had to wreck a lot of things to get their way on abortion, including the legal requirement that someone have skin in the game. Unforeseen consequences galore.