Behold the ultimate 1980s computer den

Check out Brian Green's collection of old computers, replete with Atari, Apple and Commodore classics. Benj Edwards interviewed him, and found a meticulous historian with real skin in the game, such as a BBS he's been operating for more than thirty years.

We asked him which computer was the hardest to track down, and he pointed to the ill-fated Apple III, which Apple launched in 1980 as a business-capable follow-up of its more famous prequel: "I probably hunted for an Apple III the longest. Most computers are obtainable if you're willing to spend the money on eBay, but that's not as fun as picking something up at a show or a flea market. I found a working Apple III at the last Vintage Computer Festival Midwest for a good price and have it displayed proudly."

I have the inoperable remains of an Amstrad CPC keyboard. That's my vintage computer collection!