Facebook to lay off another 10,000 workers in coming months

Mark Zuckerberg announced that another 10,000 workers will lose their jobs at Meta, joining the 15,000 laid off earlier this year. The "Year of Efficiency," as he hails it, proceeds apace.

Our efficiency work has several parallel workstreams to improve organizational efficiency, dramatically increase developer productivity and tooling, optimize distributed work, garbage collect unnecessary processes, and more. I've tried to be open about all the work that's underway, and while I know many of you are energized by this, I also recognize that the idea of upcoming org changes creates uncertainty and stress. My hope is to make these org changes as soon as possible in the year so we can get past this period of uncertainty and focus on the critical work ahead.

Here's the timeline you should expect: over the next couple of months, org leaders will announce restructuring plans focused on flattening our orgs, canceling lower priority projects, and reducing our hiring rates. With less hiring, I've made the difficult decision to further reduce the size of our recruiting team. We will let recruiting team members know tomorrow whether they're impacted. We expect to announce restructurings and layoffs in our tech groups in late April, and then our business groups in late May. In a small number of cases, it may take through the end of the year to complete these changes. Our timelines for international teams will also look different, and local leaders will follow up with more details. Overall, we expect to reduce our team size by around 10,000

Even now, hundreds of words of circumlocutory corporate wooden-language before dropping the number. The interesting thing about is how odd it is–"Garbage collect unnecessary processes" as a prelude to telling 10,000 people they're fired–and no-one on Earth could hope to explain to him why one might not.