Florida man busted after hiding phone in men's bathroom of We Spy Coffee cafe

A Florida man was arrested in Tarpon Springs after allegedly hiding a phone in the men's restroom of a coffee shop, aptly named We Spy Coffee & More. (You just can't make this stuff up.)

The 31-year-old gentleman was an employee of the cafe and was busted on Saturday after a customer spotted the phone, which was placed under the bathroom sink, with its camera aimed at a toilet.

"It was an iPhone that was propped underneath the sink and it was upside down. He picked the phone up and he looked at it and he saw that it was actually actively making a video recording," said Detective John Melton, according to WFLA.

The employee, Spyridon Voulgarakis, was none too pleased when he realized the jig was up, grabbing the customer as he tried to get his phone back.

From WFLA:

"Voulgarakis became nervous, tried to get his phone back and ended up battering the victim in the process," said Detective Melton.

Voulgarakis was charged with battery and video voyeurism.

After inspecting the phone, detectives said there could be more victims.

"We have reason to believe that there are more victims out there," said Detective Melton.

If you have been to "We Spy Coffee & More" since Feb. 13, used the male restroom, and feel you may be a victim, you are encouraged to call Det. J. Melton at 727-938-2849.