Iowa law forbids teachers from telling students "slavery was wrong"

The far-right White Nationalist movement, funded by powerful billionaire families that want to turn the United States into a fascist theocracy, is making progress in its efforts to erase the ugly parts of the nation's history.

The Washington Post has an article about five things teachers in states taken over by White Nationalists can't teach any longer.

In Iowa, a GOP state legislator accused an 8th-grade social studies teacher named Greg Wickenkamp of teaching critical race theory because he told students that it is wrong to enslave people. The anti-CRT law states that teachers aren't allowed to tell students "that the United States of America and the state of Iowa are fundamentally or systemically racist or sexist."

From Iowa's Gazette:

I spoke with Gregory Wickenkamp, an 8th grade social studies teacher who ended his contract with the Fairfield School District at the end of this year about his decision. A 10 year teaching veteran, Wickenkamp requested a meeting with his superintendent seeking support and guidance related to the discussion of "divisive topics" in the classroom. "Is it acceptable for me to teach students that slavery is wrong?" he asked her.

The response from the superintendent, in part, was: "To say is slavery wrong — I really need to delve into it to see. Is that part of what we can or cannot say? I don't know that."

Wickencamp was frustrated by what he felt was a lack of administrative support. "I had asked for this meeting for clarification for months. I met with her for probably 40 minutes and laid out my concerns. Ultimately, I was unwilling to be neutral when I teach about slavery to these young people … I don't think that's right."