Marjorie Taylor Greene peddles shirts that mock Mpox

Q-peddler Marjorie Taylor Greene has expanded her wares to not just conspiracies, but a new line of divisive Madge merch, including "Proud Christian Nationalist" and "Enemy of the State" garb(age). And of course her haute-couture collection includes a t-shirt that mocks people who have contracted Mpox, aka monkeypox.

The black tee, that costs her struggling MAGA voters only $34 a pop, sports three monkey emojis covering their eyes, ears, and mouth above the words, "See no monkeypox. Hear no monkeypox. Speak no monkeypox." This is a shirt the Georgia bigot is most proud of, as she first offered it back in July when she ignorantly said of the disease, "It's not a threat to most of the population, so … People have to laugh at it, mock it, and reject it. It's another scam." (See video below, posted by Patriot Takes.)

The same could be said about Marge Space-Laser Greene herself, and hey, wouldn't that make for a much better fashion statement?

Via LGBTQ Nation