Sesame Street launching new Cookie Monster NFT

C is for Crypto, that's good enough for me…

From Variety:

Sesame Workshop is introducing the first digital collectibles based on the iconic Sesame Street kids' brand. The first NFTs from the initiative will feature Cookie Monster, the beloved blue cookie fiend from the show, with the initial drop scheduled for March 19 on the VeVe digital collectibles app.

There will be one Cookie Monster NFT collectible with 5,555 editions for sale, priced at $60 each. According to Sesame Workshop, additional Sesame Street collectibles will be released later this year.

I have questions. Like, why Cookie Monster? I feel like Elmo is your most obvious bet, followed by Grover and Big Bird (depending on your target audience). Also, I thought that whole world had pretty much agreed by now that NFTs were a joke, as all of the investors who kept the concept afloat have since turned their attention towards AI? (And honestly, an interactive Smarty ChatBot for kids wouldn't be the worst idea.) And finally … WHY? Is this just the inevitable outcome of HBO's VC-inspired IP-snag of the Sesame Street rights? Is it really that hard to milk profits out of a 50-year-old public access TV show?