My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell blames defamation lawsuits for pillow business woes

Mike Lindell, who deserves an award for "man most likely to have white flecks of spittle form in the corners of his mouth as he loudly complains about how he has been mistreated" appeared on Steve Bannon's show complaining about how the defamation lawsuits against him have drained his resources, forcing him to take out a $10 million loan to keep his pillow business afloat. Cue the violins.

But let's not forget the reason for those lawsuits? Lindell has been spreading baseless conspiracy theories about the 2020 election, falsely claiming that voting machines were rigged to steal the election from Donald Trump. And when Dominion Voting Systems, one of the companies targeted by Lindell's wild claims, sued him for defamation, Lindell played the victim card.

"It just baffles me Steve," said Lindell, "You've got all these companies, these machine companies out there, these voting machine companies, that nobody even knew their name before, but everybody protects them. And yet you attack a USA company, My Pillow, and my employees, and it's just disgusting."

But here's the thing, Mike — you brought this on yourself. No one forced you to spread lies and sow doubt about the integrity of our elections. And no one forced you to put your business at risk by doubling down on those lies even after they were debunked.

But of course, in Lindell's mind, he's the real victim here. Not the companies he defamed, not the people whose faith in our democracy has been eroded by his lies, but Mike Lindell, whose pillow business is suffering because of his own actions.