MAGA cultist sees through the hoax of science by decoding the meaning of COVID-19: "See Sheep Surrender"

A new political superstar is emerging in the USA, ready to replace weak and treacherous Republican RINOs like Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene, who frequently stray from the true path of MAGA.

The woman interviewed here possesses the MAGA hallmarks of anti-intellectualism, conspiracy thinking, and ideological extremism in such abundance that she is now the odds-on favorite to become the next Speaker of the House or perhaps even a Supreme Court Justice. This very stable genius has cracked the code of COVID-19. Forget about scientists, forget about vaccines, forget about masks. All you need to know is this: C = see, OVID = sheep, 19 = military code for "surrender." Therefore, COVID-19 means SEE SHEEP SURRENDER. Mind-blowing, isn't it?

From the Good Liars:

When it came out, it was "Corona," right? Corona? Corona is six letters. When you use gematria and you say A is one, B is two, C is three, and you put Corona lined out it's six six, so that's six six six, but we found that out. So they're saying "the right wing crazies found it out," so they changed it to COVID-19 which is C, what is it, "see," right? Look it up. Ovid means "sheep." 19 — military code for "surrender." See, see. Surrender. That's no joke.