Minnesota mall roof collapses under weight of snow

Builders in Duluth, Minnesota, generally know what they are up against. But whoever put up the Miller Hill Mall didn't reckon with this winter's record snowfall, so heavy that the building's roof partially collapsed.

Shops were not yet open when emergency authorities were called at 9 a.m., but mall walkers and staff were on-site. The building was evacuated and is closed, including Essentia Health's Miller Hill Health Plaza and the St. Louis County Auditor Service Center, both located in different areas of the 800,000-square-foot mall.

Barnes & Noble manager Scott Skar said he heard a loud noise, "like something rolling across the roof." He saw snow in the concourse that reached the ceiling — and a gaping hole. "It was shocking to see open sky," Skar said.

Here's some helicopter footage posted by KARE out of Minneapolis.