Arrest warrant issued for Putin

The International Criminal Court (ICC) issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin who is "allegedly responsible for the war crime of unlawful deportation of population (children) and that of unlawful transfer of population (children) from occupied areas of Ukraine to the Russian Federation," according to a news release. Also wanted for the alleged crimes is Maria Lvova-Belova who is Putin's, um, Presidential Commissioner for Children's Rights. These are the first international charges of war crimes brought against Russia since the invasion of Ukraine began. From CNN:

According to the US and several European governments, Putin's administration has carried out a scheme to forcibly deport thousands of Ukrainian children to Russia, often to a network of dozens of camps, where the minors undergo political reeducation.

"Lvova-Belova's efforts specifically include the forced adoption of Ukrainian children into Russian families, the so-called 'patriotic education' of Ukrainian children, legislative changes to expedite the provision of Russian Federation citizenship to Ukrainian children, and the deliberate removal of Ukrainian children by Russia's forces," the US Treasury said in September.