Minnesota rep prioritizes son's taste buds over access to nutritious meals for thousands of students

Minnesota State Rep. Joe McDonald's is firmly against a bill that would provide school lunch and breakfast for all students. Making his case on the House floor, McDonald says the amount of food waste in schools is already "atrocious," and providing free meals to all students would only make it worse.

McDonald actually used his son's dislike for apples to argue against a program that would benefit tens of thousands of students. Because, you know, the preferences of one child clearly outweigh the needs of many.

It's also worth noting that McDonald's assertion that the bill would provide free meals to "families that don't need it" reeks of a lack of empathy for families who may be struggling financially.

McDonald seems not to care that providing free meals to all students reduces the stigma around free meals, and increases the consumption of fruits and vegetables. His comments are ridiculous, and short-sighted, and show a clear lack of concern for the well-being of students. Instead of using his son's food preferences to deny access to nutritious meals, McDonald should focus on finding solutions to reduce food waste while still ensuring that all students have access to the food they need to thrive.

But who needs facts when you have your son's apple aversion to back up your argument?