Understand your furry friend's needs better with this at-home dog test, now only $120

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Your dog will always be your sweet little puppy, but the reality is that as your dog ages, you'll want to do everything you can to help them age with comfort and ease. Since they can't talk to you themselves, you've got to find the next best thing.

Well, we've found it for you. Meet Checkpup's doggy wellness testing kit, which can make you a better caregiver and inform you of what your doggo needs to live their happiest, healthiest life. The incredible folks at Checkpup are working to bridge the gap between pup parents and their fur babies, and they're succeeding. Developed by vets, you can rest assured knowing that Checkup prioritizes animal health and safety.  

Even better, you can score this innovative pet wellness testing kit for only $119.99 (reg. $149). You won't find a better deal than this anywhere else on the web.

Born out of the tenet that your dog's health shouldn't be a guessing game, the Checkpup test kit analyzes 20 areas of your dog's nutritional and functional health to give you amazing insights that can help you care for your pet better, and even take preventative actions to ensure their wellbeing. Whether they're a puppy or turning grey, all this information can make all the difference.

Unlike other tests on the market, this one is incredibly noninvasive. Instead of the typical saliva swabs, urinalysis, or blood work, you only need a hair sample from your doggo, making it easy to test your furry friend and send it in the mail. From there, you'll have to wait 3 weeks until you get a comprehensive report, which includes a wellness check, toxic metals check, metabolism and diet check, and systems check. One of the best parts of this doggy testing kit is that you can get actionable items to implement in your pup's lifestyle and improve their quality of life. 

This test kit has earned impressive reviews from users, with one verified customer writing, "Gave me exactly what I needed to address my dog's chronic weight issues. Using the information we've received from our Checkpup test, our husky has reached a healthy weight, has more energy, and is an all around happier pup!"

Don't guess at what your furry friend needs to thrive. Grab the Checkpup Dog Wellness Test Kit now for just $119.99 to help your doggo live their best life yet.

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