The trailer for Joy Ride is a laugh riot

One of modern Hollywood's coolest aspects is the diverse voices and cultures that are finally included in the cultural conversation. For too many decades, Hollywood has looked a little monochromatic in terms of its lead actors and the stories they were allowed to tell. Despite various people of color occupying the periphery of the film industry- both in front of and behind the camera- having a movie that focused on the exploits of racial minorities in America was a rarity. 

However, thanks to the advent of social media, we've seen audiences voice their support for Hollywood's decision to back content that's produced and features different cultures and ethnicities. Films like Crazy Rich Asians and Everything Everywhere All At Once have proven – in a time where Asian people have faced unfathomable acts of violence and discrimination- that stories based on the AAPI experience can thrive as well as any other movie. In the video linked above, you can look at the trailer for Joy Ride, which looks like a hilarious romp that continues to broaden the representation of AAPI Americans.