A 33 foot office chair sits proudly outside of Miller's Office Supply in Anniston, Alabama

The world's largest office chair sits proudly in Anniston, Alabama. This fun roadside attraction is 33 feet 1 inch tall, 19 feet 7 inches wide, and weighs 2,000 pounds. You can see just how big the chair is by comparing it to the cars and motorbike in the photo. How did this whopper of a chair come to be, you may ask?

Roadside America explains:

"In 1981, Miller's Office Supply in Anniston, Alabama, wanted to call attention to itself. Owner Leonard "Sonny" Miller had an inspired idea: he would build the world's largest chair in the vacant lot next to his building. Since he sold office furniture, he used an office chair as the model, simply converting inches into feet." 

In 1982, Guinness World Records gave the chair official recognition as the world's largest office chair. Since then, Miller's Office supply moved away to a new location and then back again, and plenty of harsh weather has hit the area (even blowing the roof off Miller's while the chair stayed sturdy). I think it's safe to say that this gigantic chair is also the world's most resilient chair.