Marjorie Taylor Greene's near-incoherent support of Trump

Georgia's Marjorie Taylor Greene continues to demonstrate her undying loyalty to hush-money payor Donald J. Trump while undermining his attempts to generate civil unrest around his apparently impending arraignment. Saturday morning MTG apparently hoped to stave off the protests the former President encouraged on Truth Social with her own tweets about "Communists Democrats' planning to arrest" the old orange windbag. Greene then describes ascribes the GQP's favorite move, to manipulate elections with fear and anger, on Democrats.

I wonder if those are communist-owned Democrats or some other type.


The representative from Georgia took to her professional Twitter account multiple times on Saturday to share her thoughts on Trump's Truth Social post where he said illegal leaks from the Manhattan District Attorney's Office have led him to believe he will be arrested on Tuesday.

In her first tweet Saturday morning, Greene came after the Department of Justice and the Manhattan DA by stating the potential arrest is "ALL FOR POLITICS!"

"This is what they do in communist(s) countries to destroy their political opponents!" Greene wrote. "Republicans in Congress MUST subpoena these communists and END this! We have the power to do it, and we also have the power to DEFUND their salaries and departments! Enough of this!"