Why the Prestige is unlike any other Christopher Nolan movie

Christopher Nolan's entire career is something of a magic trick. Nolan has inexplicably found a way to create dazzlingly artistic films that satiate the fastidious palates of cinephiles while simultaneously generating gigantic blockbusters that please the masses and studio heads alike. It's almost as if Nolan always performs a series of ingenious illusions whenever he steps behind the camera or the typewriter.

Although the quality of Nolan's movies has remained generally consistent throughout his career, the scale of the films he makes has ballooned with each passing entry. As his clout within the industry has grown, so has Nolan's ambition within the medium of film. I mean, he "recreated" a nuclear explosion for his upcoming film Oppenheimer for crying out loud. However, there is one movie within Nolan's ever-expanding catalog of films that acts as his most intimate and character-centric story to date. In the video linked above, the YouTube channel Cinema Stix explains how Nolan imbues The Prestige with an idiosyncratic and unforgettable aesthetic.