Mike Pence listens to Trump audio justifying "Hang Mike Pence!" chanters, but still can't find his spine (video)

No wonder Mike Pence flounders at 3% in favorability when matched up against other potential 2024 Republican presidential candidates (according to a Quinnipiac national poll). The former Trump toady can't make up his mind on whether Donald Trump should be held accountable for Jan. 6 — even after, during an ABC interview over the weekend, hearing old audio of his former boss justifying the insurrectionists' chantings of "Hang Mike Pence!'"

When ABC News' Jon Karl asked Pence, "Does justifying those murderous chants, does that effectively disqualify him from being commander-in-chief again?" Pence could not act presidential enough to answer the question.

"I think that's a judgment for the American people to make." (See video below.)

Although Milquetoast Pence did admit Trump's actions on Jan. 6 were "wrong" and had angered and disappointed him, he blamed his boss's incitement of violence on Trump's lawyers, who "led him astray." He then quickly pivoted, blaming the Biden administration's so-called "failed policies" on his inability to think about Trump's failed coup (because everyone knows how difficult it is to walk and chew gum at the same time).

"I don't have a lot of time for looking backwards," he said, even though looking backwards is the same as looking forwards where Trump is concerned.