Motorcycle hooligans disrupt traffic on San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge

A local news agency mistakenly called this bunch of hooligans "stunt riders." Stunt riders are at the state fair, these guys are disrupting traffic, and risking more lives than their own with stupid antics. It is estimated that around 100 riders crossed the bridge heading south, and then gathered at Fort Point, I guess to celebrate the successful crossing. Apparently, one motorcyclist was cited for something, but it isn't clear what earned them the distinction.


A sideshow took over the Golden Gate Bridge for a brief period on Saturday afternoon, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Around 3:30 p.m., approximately 100 motorcycles gathered on the southbound side of the Golden Gate Bridge, and they continued on towards Fort Point. CHP and National Park Service officers were both called to the scene, and they cited one of the drivers. However, most had moved on by the time law enforcement arrived.

Image: YouTube/Screen Grab