NYT: Alex Jones "concealing funds" to avoid paying Sandy Hook families

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones blew off multiple defamation trials after he was sued by the Sandy Hook parents he libeled on his show, but he started turning up when it was clear the damages against him and his companies would be astronomical. Now under more than a billion dollars in total verdicts against him, Alex Jones is accused of concealing his own significant wealth to avoiding paying any of it off.

As the families seek more than $1.4 billion awarded by courts for Mr. Jones's lies, a New York Times review shows he is transferring millions of dollars to family and friends, potentially out of reach of creditors.

He's reportedly had friends establish new corporations to process his income and transferred his $3m, 5400 square-foot house to his wife, among other shenanigans.

According to the documents reviewed by the New York Times, Jones's property was revealed to be valued at a total of $10m. It also indicated that his stated monthly income was $129,000, with $104,000 coming from undisclosed sources.

Last month, Jones remained adamant about maintaining his platform and company, saying on his podcast, "If anybody thinks they're shutting me down, they're mistaken," the New York Times reported.