The Atlarntic is a parody account providing critical commentary on COVID-19 minimizers

This new Twitter parody account, The Atlarntic—which describes itself as: "Not waving but drowning in the ocean of information"—is terrific. The account posts fake covers that look like the actual publication The Atlantic, that are perfect snarky critiques of mainstream media takes on the pandemic. It will be especially funny to you (in a painful kind of way) if you're someone who is aware that we are still in the middle of an ongoing pandemic where over 300 Americans are dying every day from COVID-19, and if you're aware of how most media outlets, including The Atlantic, seem to be doing their best to minimize the awful effects of the pandemic—ongoing cases, deaths, and long covid. News outlets also seem to be mostly ignoring (or minimizing) the increasing numbers of research studies being published daily that reveal the very real negative effects COVID-19 has on almost every bodily system. 

Here are a few gems from The Atlarntic

Good Data And Evidence Is Vital For Sensible Decision Making, Which Is Exactly Why We've Stopped Gathering It.

I Honestly Can't Imagine That Anyone Over Sixty Even Wants To Be Alive Anymore.

No One Is Able To Tell Me Why I've Been Sick Ever Since I Caught Covid.

I Know There's Nothing Wrong Because I Refuse To Look At Anything That Says There Is.

DEEP DIVES: How Long Will It Take For H5N1 Bird Flu To Become Mild And Endemic And What Can We Do To Help.

Maybe The Problem With Junk Food Is That We Haven't Eaten Enough.

If these are funny to you (again, in that laugh-so-you-won't-cry kind of way), head over to Twitter and follow The Atlarntic.