Woman on speakerphone in Uber called in bomb threat to Walmart to prevent boyfriend's shoplifting arrest

 Seabrook, New Hampshire police arrested Meghan Leavitt, 38, for calling in fake threats to a Walmart in the area. She started with a bomb threat and followed up with another call about an active shooter in the store. How'd police identify her as the suspect? Leavitt was apparently using her speakerphone to make the calls while riding in an Uber on the way to the Walmart, and the driver alerted the cops. Why would she do such a thing? From WMUR9:

Officers say she was coming to the complex because her boyfriend was about to be arrested at the Dick's Sporting Goods across from the Walmart for shop lifting. He was hiding in a changing room talking to her before she made the calls.

Mone said that she made the calls in an effort to distract the police from arresting her significant other.

"We're thankful to [the Uber driver] for sticking around, and flagging us down, and letting us know — that was really a big piece of the investigation," Mone said.