London's police force "rotten" and pervaded by racism, homophobia and misogyny, according to report it commissioned

A report by Dame Louise Casey concluded that racism, misogyny and homophobia are "pervasive" at London's Metropolitan Police Service, the world's second-largest law enforcement agency after the NYPD.

The report by Louise Casey, commissioned by the Met after one of its officers abducted Sarah Everard, taking her from from a London street in March 2021, before raping and murdering her, is one of the most damning of a major British institution .

The 363-page report details disturbing stories of sexual assaults, usually covered up or downplayed, with 12% of women in the Met saying they had been harassed or attacked at work, and one-third experiencing sexism.

Lady Casey said that the lifeblood of British policing was haemorrhaging and her report warned that "public consent is broken" with just 50% of the public expressing confidence, even before revelations about the force's worst recent scandals.

The Met says it welcomes the report (PDF, 363 pages) and hopes it will be a "catalyst" for reform:

Unreformable, says one victim quoted by the BBC.

Correction: Service, not Force.