Man who sold 3D-printed guns jailed for 4 years

Mitchell Guerrero, 30, of Green Bay, Wisconsin, was sentenced to 4 years imprisonment and 3 more on supervised release for selling 3D-printed firearms. The untraceable "ghost guns" were made in his basement; one was traded for meth.

The Brown County Drug Task Force searched Guerrero's home in November, 2021. Investigators discovered the 3D-printing lab as well as a fully functional 3D-printed handgun. They also found magazines and rounds, silencers, a "sear" that can convert an AR-15 rifle into a fully automatic weapon — all 3D printed. Investigators found evidence that Guerrero offered to sell ghost guns and traded one for methamphetamine. They also saw evidence that he was beginning to 3D print an AR-15.

I wouldn't trust a 3D printed gun not to explode in my hands, even one I had paid a lot of meth for.