Producer sues Fox claiming its lawyers forced her to give misleading testimony in the Dominion lawsuit

A former producer for Tucker Carlson and Maria Bartiromo has sued Fox over alleging its lawyers forced her to give false and/or misleading testimony in the Dominion lawsuit. The producer, Abby Grossberg, additionally claims Fox is a hostile environment for women, which is in keeping with a number of other claims over many years.

Grossman's lawsuits detail disgusting behavior at Fox.

Crooks and Liars:

The New York Times reported Monday (and it would be trite to say "bombshell" at this point because it's a movie, duh, see above) that a Fox News producer, Abby Grossberg, who worked for both Maria Bartiromo and Tucker Carlson, has filed two lawsuits against Fox News, saying their lawyers forced her to give misleading testimony in the $1.6 B Dominion lawsuit against Fox. She's also ALLEGING a hostile work environment for women at the network.

She also says Fox News lawyers asked her to lie in the Dominion case, and that the network brass was setting her up, along with Bartiromo, to take a fall for the rest of the network. "The (Fox News) lawyers, she said, gave her the impression that she had to avoid mentioning prominent male executives and on-air talent to protect them from any blame, while putting her own reputation at risk."

There are gross details about Fox people, AT WORK, holding debates on which female political candidates are more f**kable. Somebody calling Maria Bartiromo "a crazy bitch" and "menopausal" and perhaps most gag-worthy, "having an affair with Kevin McCarthy." Frequent use of the C-word. AT WORK. Because Fox News.