Talking to Steve Jobs from beyond the grave with an AI chatbot trained on his voice. The results are uncanny

John H. Meyer created a Steve Jobs chatbot and had a conversation with it on a variety of topics. I know ChatGPT is just autocomplete on steroids, but when I listened to this, I couldn't help but think Jobs was talking from beyond the grave.

Meyer showcased his creation on Twitter, where he wrote:

I trained an AI on Steve Jobs' voice… and then connected it to the chatGPT API …and finally, connected it all to Facebook Messenger to allow for 2-way voice conversations with Steve Jobs about anything!

Here's a transcript of a conversation:

John H. Meyer: Summon Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs ChatBot: Hi, I am Steve Jobs. How are you doing? What do you like to chat about?

John H. Meyer: Tell me in detail, what happened with Gizmodo and the iPhone 4, including how you feel about it

Steve Jobs ChatBot: Well, John, that was a difficult situation for me in the company. We had a prototype of the iPhone 4 go missing, and Gizmodo obtained it, and then published details about it online. It was frustrating, but I believe in the end we handled it well by going to court and settling the matter legally. Overall, it was an unfortunate situation that we learned from and moved forward from.