Christian Nationalist "prophet" leads thousands to pray in tongues to prevent Trump's arrest

MAGA cultist Lance Wallnau missed his calling as a dungeon master if you ask me. Here he is leading a powerful spell to counteract the demonic forces of the libtard horde that wants to unfairly imprison Emperor Trump.

We thank you for this Donald Trump that you raised up. And Lord, even now we lift up a voice on his behalf, that you will cause your hand to come upon his head, you will cover his ears so that he only hears what you are saying. Your hand will be in his heart so that he only feels what you want him to feel. And I pray in the name of Jesus, that as his enemies had dug a pit for him, that he would fall into it, that they will fall into it themselves. We rebuke every witchcraft, curse, vex, spell that has been launched against him, his wife, his children and his enterprise, and we ask you to fill him with the Holy Ghost. Let him be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. Now you pray in the Holy Ghost for Donald Trump, BAREESABAM BADABALOOSOPAR EEBALADOOM BADGABEESI GALABADOSO TARABATAR EEBAROSA EEBRIHEEM SULA BAMBARA BARTONELLA CODORABE SATARADA, We rebuke what they're doing right now. We pray that this will actually become an embarrassment to them, that when they try to arrest him, when they try to accuse him of stirring up insurrection, that you will Lord cause your spirit to make the wheels on the chariots of Pharaoh come off.