Exclusive art from a stunning new graphic novel adaptation of The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby entered the public domain in 2021, but we're only just starting to see some interesting usages of the work (if y'all cheer me on enough I might actually finish my Lovecraftian mashup of The Incomprehensible Cosmic Horror of the Gatsby). Case in point: comics writer and IDW Comics founder Ted Adams, who previously adapted The Island of Dr. Moreau, has teamed up with Rocket Raccoon and Polarity artist Jorge Coelho for a stunning graphic novel adaptation of the American classic, which just launched a Kickstarter campaign for a hardcover collection.

Here's what the creators have to say about the project:

"Jorge and I started working on our adaptation of The Great Gatsby in 2019 and while the world has seen many changes over the last four years, Fitzgerald's work has lost none of its ability to entertain," said writer Ted Adams. "Gatsby is rightfully seen as a classic example of US literature but I fear that label may turn off readers who think the work is hard to read or dull. The opposite is true, the novel is very readable and exciting. Jorge's art is extraordinary and captures the 1920s in all of its glory and decadence."

"A feeling of chaos, confusion and crumbling eras permeated both art and real life during the making of this book, resulting in my largest and most rewarding creative challenge so far," added artist Jorge Coelho.

Adams and Coelho have been gracious enough to share some early process art from the project with BoingBoing, and it looks pretty great:

Here are some character designs to whet your whistle, too:

The PDF of this is $20 at the Kickstarter page, and $5 more will get it sent to you as a hardcover.

THE GREAT GATSBY: The Essential Graphic Novel Adaptation [Kickstarter]