John Oliver takes on predatory timeshare and timeshare exit industries

John Oliver has knocked it out of the park yet again, this time with his critical analysis of the timeshare industry and its predatory practices. He also reveals the truth behind another timeshare-adjacent industry that has sprung up recently—timeshare exit companies. These companies promise to help customers break free from their timeshare obligations, but in reality are typically also scams that demand thousands of dollars upfront from customers and then fail to deliver. Sometimes they stall indefinitely after collecting their fees, and sometimes they just disappear altogether.

Oliver has a very clear message for viewers: If you're considering buying a timeshare—DON'T! He also encourages everyone to share this news with friends and family, to prevent others from buying timeshares. Finally, he provides great advice for folks who might have recently inherited a timeshare—there is only a short window (around 9 months) to decline the 'offer', and this comes with a whole lot of paperwork. Thanks, John Oliver, for looking after consumers, yet again.