Ron DeSantis gets cocky with Piers Morgan, until he's asked if he'll run against Trump (video)

Gov. Ron DeSantis puffs up enough to tell Piers Morgan he could beat President Biden in 2024, but ask him if he's running in the primaries — in which he'd have to face his bullying nemesis, Donald Trump — and his confidence collapses like a dried up soufflé. (See video posted below, by The Recount.)

"You think you can beat Biden?" Morgan asked.

"I think so," says the Florida man.

"So you're running, then."

"No, I didn't say that, I just said I think I could!" he huffed, smiling nervously.

Florida's hesitant fascist should try to get his hands on a copy of The Little Engine that Could, if it hasn't yet been banned from the state.

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